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Holistic Huddersfield- Imaginatrix Spirituality and Music Festival

Saturday morning had finally arrived and I was excited and nervous. This was the day of the Imaginatrix festival hosted by Floatology. It was a day full of Spirituality and Music with stalls, sessions and live DJs. I had never even come across anything like this in Huddersfield and was looking forward to meeting people and learning new meditation techniques. I looked out at the weather and the forecast and all I could see was rain. My heart sank a little hoping the day would turn out well. I arrived at the Beaumont Arms in Kirkheaton just before 1pm and on my own. As soon as I got there I found everyone to be friendly and whilst I waited for everything to open I met Donna. Donna was organising the event and throughout the whole day she took time to come over and see if I was ok, even introducing me to people with similar interests. She explained that her aim for the festival was to radiate positive vibrations and I have got to say she did just that.

The rain disappeared and sun washed over us. Whilst I was waiting for the sessions to start I popped to a stall called ‘Growing Works‘. This is a charity based in Huddersfield who has a vision to nurture healthy lives and a healthy community through outdoor workshops and their community garden. They run workshops for children, elderly and people with mental health, to aid education on their natural environment and promote physical activity for therapeutic practices. The woman I spoke to was lovely and was working with bamboo to make unique star wands. She helped me make one by teaching me how to bend the bamboo to make flexible shapes. It was awesome to be making something out of natural materials and with only my hands. Mine in the end didn’t turn out as pretty as the others but overall it was enjoyable and therapeutic.

I had been chatting so long that I missed most of the SoundBath Journey going on in the barn. They let me in quietly and I joined the others lying down around Sam and Emily who were playing Tibetan music. They used the traditional singing bowls, crystal bowls, shamanic shakers and the amazing symphonic gong. I lay there on my pillow not knowing what to expect as such a newbie to the practice. Allowing myself to concentrate on my breath and the music. I began to notice a journey of the song. The distraction that I was laid next to about 20 others went away and I visioned myself on a boat sailing down the amazon rivers. I could see the trees to my side and the front of the boat the rest was a light fog. When the session was finished I came out feeling so relaxed. I looked around the room and It was beautiful to see mothers bringing their children in to enjoy the practice.

If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.”

Dalai Lama

The SoundBath Journey or Gong and Sound Healing is one of the healing treatments that Kamayati Conscious Healing have to offer and I would recommend it. I unfortunately didn’t get to experience the whole practice but it is something I’d like to try again. The gongs low frequency vibrates the molecules in your being to help you reach a restorative trance like state.

Between sessions I wandered around the stalls. Picking myself up a lovely Dalmation Jasper bracelet and spoke to other stallholders. I met a lovely lady called Sophie Fox from Angelic Energies who sold scented healing mists for space clearing, aura cleansing and connection to the Archangels. She spoke to me and asked me to pick out a card. The angel on that card was Uriel. Each angel referred to a natural aromatherapy mist. Each organic and with unique scent. The scents were vitalising and refreshing. Each one came with a booklet with affirmations and the meaning behind the angel. Unfortunately I only came with abit of money on me but I may have to invest in my new favourite perfume πŸ™‚

I got to meet some lovely people over at the ‘Sunflowers and Smiles’ stall (if anybody knows their website please let me know as I’d love to add their link.) They sold tie dye socks and baby grows with help from their children. They were always dancing and smiling, one lady also told me my eyes were beautiful and looked like a nebula.

The cake stall was fantastic and a big hit with everyone with their vegan cakes and alcoholic buns πŸ™‚ I finally gave in to the temptation treating myself to an egg free red velvet cupcake. Absolutely scrumptious!

There were tarot readings and massages available and in the future I would have brought abit more money with me to try out these holistic practices. I kept their cards and will definitely book an appointment as well as my first ever sensory deprivation float.

Unfortunately I wasn’t yet able to join in with the yoga sessions as my shoulder is still recovering from my recent dislocation but what feedback I heard sounded great. My next session was the mantra meditation circle with Shahida. Again I went in with no idea how this was going to turn out. We all sat down in a wide circle, around 30 people and began by closing our eyes and focussing again on our breath. We listened then repeated a mantra many times before we switched onto the next. By the start of the second mantra my body felt like it was shaking and then i began to spin. I knew perfectly well my body was in the same spot but it felt amazing and I personally hate to feel out of control. We then took it in turns, 8 people at a time to sit in the inside circle. Whilst the outer edges repeated the mantras around us. I walked out of there thanking Shahida for a lovely journey and she even said to me that my eyes were so wide and awake. I felt it. Even walking in there I felt somewhat skeptical. I’d done meditation by myself before but these experiences opened up something else. They made me feel connected and peaceful.

The last part of my day I spent watching the beautiful bellydancers and listening to music. Overall I came out of the day feeling happy. Feeling glad that I’d met so many interesting people and finding this secret community within huddersfield. I would love to try more practices like these and will be following and joining in with a lot more. I went in alone, and maybe a little skeptical but willing to learn and engage with others. I felt like i learnt and experienced so much and i think Donna is right ‘Let’s radiate positive vibrations’.

I usually take a lot more pictures but sometimes you need to just be there in the moment.

Thank you for taking your time to read this.

3 thoughts on “Holistic Huddersfield- Imaginatrix Spirituality and Music Festival”

  1. You have such a natural flow with your writing & although I know nothing about holistic and spiritual practices I have to say you draw me in and keep the reader engaged. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

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